Charta Dummy Award 2021
Charta Dummy Award 2021

Charta Dummy Award is open to visual artists who use the photographic medium and have already made a book dummy of his/her project.

There are no restrictions related to the theme.

We are looking for outstanding works, distinguished by an original approach to both contemporary languages and storytelling. Artists are invited to submit a physical copy of their dummy.

The final shortlist will consist of a selection of 25 book dummies to be exhibited in Rome during the Charta Festival 2021.

One of the shortlisted dummies will be awarded the Charta Prize and will be published by Yogurt Editions with a production worth 5.000€.

Submissions Guidelines

— Who can apply?
All national or international artists using the photographic medium can apply by sending an unpublished work.

The participants have to declare that the submitted work has never been published by a publishing house, and whether it is self-produced, it has to be printed in less than 60 copies. Books having a registration number (ISBN) are not considered dummies and won’t be accepted.

As for the winner of the First Prize, the following conditions are mandatory:

  • The book will be produced and published by Yogurt Editions that will grant 5.000€.
  • Yogurt reserves the right to slightly change the design of the book and to fix its price.
  • Yogurt bears the production cost and takes charge of the project management and the sales of the first edition.
    The artist will receive 50 free copies of the book.
  • The profit related to the book sales goes to Yogurt Editions and part of it will support Yogurt’s charitable initiative of long-distance adoption with Save the Children.

How to submit
The submission is free of charge, but each artist has to pay the shipping costs for sending his/her own book dummy to Yogurt’s physical space in Rome:

The Paper Room
Via degli Aurunci, 19
00185 Rome

The book dummy must be sent together with a publishing agreement through which the artist transfers the copyrights related to the printing of the first edition to Yogurt Editions (in case the participant is awarded the Charta Dummy Award) and agrees to be exhibited during the Charta Photobook Festival (in case the participant is shortlisted).

The contract can be downloaded here.

Artists who want their book dummy to be returned after the festival are invited to send an email to All shipping costs are charged to the artists.

Only the book dummies received by July 9, 2021 will be accepted.

The participant declares being the owner of the copyrights of all the images submitted. By sending the agreement and the physical copy of the book, the rights are transferred to the Associazione Culturale Paper Room, which is the tax entity on which Yogurt Editions relies.
The transfer of these rights is valid only for the first edition of the book.