A Dummy Workshop

Through the workshop, Charta wants to provide the tools to produce a dummy of their project to talented authors, in order to allow them to join the Charta Dummy Award.

The selection of the projects will be entrusted every year to a Guest Editor.

This edition’s Guest Editor is Paolo Cardinali, curator of Fugazine and one of the founders of Funzilla Fest. The workshop will be held by Paolo Cardinali and Alberto Cecchetti, owner of La Legatoria, a Roman reality which deals with printing and binding of artist books.

The workshop will touch upon many topics, from the editing of the presented works, to the printing of a dummy. The authors will take part in the revision phases of their work, in the page setting, in the printing and the binding.


First weekend 26—27.06

  • Saturday 26.06 / 4hrs
    Overview of the partecipants’ works.
    Introduction of La Legatoria’s activities and of Fugazine’s productions.
  • Sunday 27.06 / 6hrs
    Critical review of the projects and first level editing.
    It will be debated the format, but also the sequence and the design, in order to produce a first editable layout.

Second weekend 2—4.07

  • Friday 2.07 / 4hrs
    Dummy review, meeting with the graphic designer, selection of the materials, finalization of the project.
  • Saturday 3.07 / 6hrs
    Print proof.
  • Sunday 4.07 / 4hrs
    Final setting up of the dummy.

Where: La Legatoria, Rome
Price: FREE


The deadline for the applications is set for 15th June.

Every author can apply to the workshop with one single project, by sending to → prenotazioni@chartafestival.com a folder with the minimum number of 40 images and a pdf file with the title and the synopsis of the work and the biography.

The results of the selection will be communicated on 16th June.