I Saw a Tree Bearing Stones in the Place of Apples and Pears Emilia Martin

In the Catholic church there are three classes of relics. The first class is body parts of a saint. The second class is things that belonged to a saint, objects they have used and surrounded themselves with. The third class relic is the object that touched the body of a saint. To create the third class relics, the small holes are drilled in the tombs of saints. The objects are lowered through the holes and once they touch the corpse they are no longer everyday and mundane – they become sacred. 

A meteorite, before it is diagnosed as one, is a particularly uneventful and unexciting object. It is repeatedly used as a door holder, a field marker or meaningless rock obstructing the path, blending amongst the other rocks and stones that carry no use for humans. Once it is identified or speculated that the rock is a visitor from outer space, it takes on a whole new role. It is the story that transforms it into a cosmic relic, a celestial object carrying stories of distance, sublime and often – religious. Seen as god, chained to the ground in case it decides to make a return to heavens, celebrated. 

“I saw a tree bearing stones in the place of apples and pears” is an exploration of a meteorite as a carrier of stories, a migratory body, a silent, mysterious visitor, full of projections and dreams of something bigger and more profound. It is an investigation of the myths and stories and an act of reclaiming them back.

The winner will become the new Yogurt Editions book. Thank you to all the participants and the shortlisted authors, whose talents put us on the spot because we could only choose one winner.

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Charta Award 2023


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