Portfolio reviews

The portfolio reviews will take place on September 16th and 17th, 2023, at SOHO HOUSE ROME. Each author will have the opportunity to discuss with a maximum of two readers, presenting a single body of work of at least 20 images. The reservation will cost 20 euros per reading for 30 minutes each.

Date: 16–17.09.2023
Location: Rome, SOHO HOUSE ROME, via Cesare de Lollis 14
Hours: 10.00–14.00
Price: 20 euros
Time: 30 minutes

To reserve your review write to info@chartafestival.com specifying:

  • name, surname, phone number
  • names of the chosen reviewers


Arianna Catania
ARIANNA CATANIAArtistic Director of Gibellina Photoroad

Arianna Catania is an independent curator, photo editor and journalist. She has worked as a photo editor in several newspapers and magazines and written about art and photography. She is the creator and director of Gibellina Photoroad/Open Air & Site-specific Festival, in which photography and visual arts dialogue with the public space.


Chiara Capodici
CHIARA CAPODICICurator & Book Designer

Chiara Capodici has been involved in photography since 2005, dedicating herself above all to the planning of exhibitions and photographic books. In January 2017 she opened Leporello, a bookstore dedicated to photographic publishing, an exhibition space and a design place dedicated to books and images, which promotes and disseminates a multidisciplinary and transversal approach to visual culture.


Francesco Zizola
FRANCESCO ZIZOLAPhotographer & Artistic Director

Francesco Zizola has photographed for over thirty years the main crises and conflicts that have taken place in the world. A strong ethical commitment and a personal stylistic mark characterize his photographic production. Since 2007 he has been the artistic director of the 10b Photography gallery in Rome.


Caimi Piccinni
CAIMI & PICCINNIPhotographers

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni have collaborated since 2013 for documentary and personal photography projects. They focus on contemporary subjects, with a particular attention on the human aspects of each story. So far they published six books, with “Fastidiosa” (for Overlapse) and “En Présence De L’Absence” (for Éditions Bessard) being the most recent.


Massimo Mastrorillo
MASSIMO MASTRORILLOPhotographer & Founder of D.O.O.R.

Massimo Mastrorillo after having worked for years as a commercial photographer, he decided to devote himself to photojournalism analyzing the profound consequences of conflicts and natural disasters in society. In 2015 he founded Door, a factory for the conception, planning and dissemination of visual culture and especially photography.



Myrto Steirou greek-born, based in Athens; in 2016 she co-founded Void where she acts as an editor and project manager. In 2019 she also co-founded Carnivora, an imprint that specializes in Hispanic noir literature.


Tommaso Parrillo
TOMMASO PARRILLOFounder of Witty Books

Tommaso Parrillo studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. In 2012 he founded the publishing house Witty Books, in 2015 he co-founded Jest, a space for photography. He lives and works in Turin as an editor, curator and teacher.