The Paper Room
h 10 – 20 

■ via degli Aurunci 19


Saturday 17th

20.30 — Live Set by Exhibition Poland and the Helmut Orchestra

■ Habicura – Verano Garden, Piazzale del Verano


Saturday 17th — Sunday 18th
h 10.00 — 14.00
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■ Private Garden “That’s hall”, via dei Reti 23


Saturday 17th

10.30 — TALK // “Protest in Photobook” with the curator Luciano Zuccaccia
11.50 — BOOK //  “Be Positive” with the author Massimo Mastrorillo
14.00 — TALK // “Occult” with the author Alba Zari
15.20 — BOOK // “Inside” edited by PHmuseum with the curator Rocco Venezia
16.40 — BOOK // “Still Birth”, with the author Chiara Ernandes
18.00 — BOOK // “Devil’s Promenade” edited by Overlapse with Tiffany Jones and the authors Lara Shipley e Antone Dolezal

Sunday 18th

10.30 — TALK // Presentation of “Castelnuovo Fotografia”, an international festival on photography and contemporary art, at its IX edition: “Il paesaggio futuro, rappresentazione/immaginazione” (“The future landscape, representation/imagination”), with Elisabetta Portoghese, Michela Becchis and Manuela De Leonardis
11.50 — TALK // “Dall’occhio alla carta”, with Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni
14.00 — BOOK // “The Flood”, with the author Francesco Merlini
15.20 — BOOK // “Casa Azul”, edited by Studio Faganel, with the editor Sara Occhipinti and the author Giulia Iacolutti
16.40 — BOOK // “Ghost Stories” with the author Federico Clavarino
18.00 — BOOK // “Monsoons never cross the mountains”, edited by Witty Books, with the publisher Tommaso Parrillo and the author Camillo Pasquarelli
19.20 — BOOK // “The Absence”, with the author Attilio Solzi
20.40— BOOK // “Sedimenti”, edited by Phaos Edizioni, with Massimo Siragusa and the author Mario Capriotti

■ Teatro Abàrico, via dei Sabelli 116

Due to the current regulations, every talk can host a maximum of 35 people. It is recommended to reserve the place.


from Saturday 17 July to Sunday 18th July

During the opening days, Matèria Gallery will host the Charta book market, where various national and international publishing houses and bookshops will sell their products.

Among the realities that will be involved:

Blow Up Press
Mack Books
Officine Fotografiche
Postcart Edizioni
Witty Books
XYZ Books

■ Matèria Gallery, via dei Latini 27
h: 10.00 – 20.00


from Saturday 17 July to Sunday 25th July

h. Sat – Sun 10 – 20  |  Mon – Fri 10 – 13 / 16 – 20

Exhibition of 100 photobooks based on this edition’s theme, Demons. “Demons” aims to investigate all the darkest aspects of the human condition, from the territorial to the socio-cultural and psychological issues, by offering multiple points of view on the criticalities of the contemporary world.

The books of the expo are proposed by

Choisi – Lugano
Libreria Marini – Roma
Paper Room – Roma
studiofaganel – Gorizia
XYZ Books – Lisbona

■ EXPO 1 via dei Reti 45
■ EXPO 2 via Tiburtina 149
■ EXPO 3 EX Dogana, via dello Scalo di San Lorenzo 10
■ EXPO 5 via dei Marsi 66

Mojo is a group show consisting of more than 80 images, it is a magical suggestion.
Mojo is the shadow, the magical, the unknown, the unexpected.

■ EXPO 1 via dei Reti 45
■ EXPO 2 via Tiburtina 149
■ EXPO 3 EX Dogana, via dello Scalo di San Lorenzo 10

Exhibition of the shortlist with the best 25 dummies received

■ The Paper Room, via degli Aurunci 19

Dystopian and disturbing web series created by Luca Baioni, visual artist who experiments with new languages of the contemporary photography and with transmedia works.

■ EXPO 4 Ombrelloni Art Space, via dei Lucani 18

Exhibition of the shortlist with the best dummies from the Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award.

■ ISFCI, via degli Ausoni 1

PROJECTION BY CIRCULATION(S) – Festival de la jeune photographie européenne
Projection of a selection of the works by Circulation(s) Festival past winners, related to this first edition’s theme of Charta, “Demons”.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July, from 10 am to 20 pm
■ EXPO 1 via dei Reti 45 // h. 10 – 20

From Monday 19th July to Sunday 25th July, from 10:30am to 18 pm
■ Teatro Abàrico, via dei Sabelli 116

Exhibition of the 5 dummies made during the workshop organized by Charta Festival and held by Paolo Cardinali and La Legatoria.

■ EXPO 1 via dei Reti 45


Wednesday 21th

20.30 — “Fadwa”, show. Written and directed by Mario Rellini.
Price: 15 euro (12 euro with the reduction for the owner of the Charta pass)

■ Teatro Abàrico, via dei Sabelli 116

Friday 23th

18.00 — “ZHY – CHARTA RICICLATA” (“ZHY-Recycled Charta”)
Performance for the production of paper from recycled raw materials.
With the participation of “Romaniello Paper Factory”.
Entry: free 

■ Scalo playground – Largo Settimio Passamonti

20.30 — “Sweet home”, show.
Written by Luca di Pierno and directed by Umberto Bianchi.
Prize: 15 euro  (12 euro with the reduction for the owner of the Charta pass)

■ Teatro Abàrico, via dei Sabelli 116